Hackathon photos and winners!

Hi everyone, we had an amazing 23 hours this weekend with the ARM 24 hour hackathon! Some really cleaver engineering and ingenuity was shown. With project such as a laser harp and Sudoku plotter and solver, even an attempted POV display! This event was a huge success and we look forward to seeing it again next year. Congratulations to the winning team who build a machine that could create, plot and solve Sudoku puzzles. They also impressively made a play-station controller to operate the machine with.

Also a special mention to team “destroy them with lasers” whose laser harp was really well presented and engineered creation. It’s rendition of ‘a space odyssey’ was particularly entertaining.

And a final mention to the POV display/PCB slinger that was created by the infamous Jammie dodgers. This was a really great little bit of engineering and was a close contender to the other project displyed.

OK, enough waffle, here are the pictures:

[wppa type=”cover” album=”$Hackathon 2014″][/wppa]

Hackathon started!

Hey everyone,
If you didn’t know the ARM 24 hour (well, 23 hour *grumble daylight saving*) hackathon has started in the MVB. Teams are battling it out to build the coolest thing possible in 24… 23 hours!
Come down and have a look at what the teams are building.

AGM – New committee

Hey everyone,

Exciting news, the societies new committee has now been elected!
Be sure to expect a whole host of new events to start lining up in the pipeline. For now the committee will be transitioning so until later stay tuned

Construction Challenge

Thanks to everyone who came to the construction challenge on Friday! Everyone had a great time and it was good to see all the different ways people tried to tackle the challenge. Below are some picture highlights of the event:
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