Robot Wars time is coming!

14th March 2020

What is Robot Wars?

Robot enthusiasts and builders prepare yourselves!

BEEES hosted their 11th Robot Wars competition on the 30th of November 2019 and are inviting you to either compete or spectate for this latest instalment.
“Wow that’s great what’s it gonna cost us to spectate/compete?”
I hear you say, well it’s FREE to do both!

(There is a £10 deposit on transmitter & receiver, although these are optional they are recommended for beginners! )


Official Ant-weight Rules List:

In short:

  • Must fit in a 4" cubed box (~101mm cubed)
  • Equal to or less than 150g on wheels (or 225g for  a walker!)
  • Robots will be weighed / measured to ensure fair play


Rules for workshop usage:

  • Risk assessments with you, on the workbench AT ALL TIMES
  • No more than 20 people in the workshop at the same time
  • To use the 3D printer YOU MUST BE TRAINED
  • To use the 3D printers only when necessary
  • Removal of tools from the workshop will result in DISQUALIFICATION and being banned from the event (also a 3 year ban from the workshop)
  • Must follow the Health and Safety signs signposted around the workshop at all times.

Need Help? Contact the committee