Spring 2022 Robot Wars

19 Mar 2022

Hello BEEES fans. The second Robot wars of the academic year right around the corner! We're expecting as much if not more carnage as the one last December. Like last time, it will take place in room 1.11/1.11A at MVB on the Saturday, 19th March, 2022. All competitors should be at the location by 11am for registration and the battles will start at 1pm. Expect some free pizza for lunch that day!


Tournament Bracket:

  • Winner - £150
  • Runner-up - £75
  • Third place - £25

Battle royale winner - £50

What is Robot Wars?

Just a bit about Robot Wars, it's the same thing as the Robot Wars TV show but on a much smaller scale - we follow the Ant-weight competition rules* (defined below). Simply put, robots beat each other up. First, in a tournament bracket format and finally, in a battle royale where every robot fights each other at once! Each person or team enters one robot and it should be able to move, and ideally, have some sort of weapon - a flipper or spinner for instance. Once your robot is out of bounds or can't move more than it's own diameter, you're out.

Do I need my own robot to enter?

You can enter with your own robot but, if you don't have one, or if you feel that you don't have enough experience in building robots, not to worry! We're selling 9 robot kits for £20 each that include:

  • a controller
  • batteries
  • motors
  • wheels
  • servo
  • some CAD files which you can use to print your own robot

Or maybe even try making your own model :)

Please make sure you get inducted to use the 3D printers in the Hackspace to print your robot! We won't be holding any drop-in sessions this time but, if you still need help with the kit, feel free to contact Toby.


*The BEEES Robot Wars follows the Ant-weight competition rules.

Official Ant-weight Rules List

In short:

  • Must fit in a 4 in3 box (~101 mm3)
  • Equal to or less than 150g on wheels (or 225g for a walker!)
  • Robots will be weighed/measured to ensure fair play



Any questions? Contact the committee.

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