Every single course and year group has its own course rep whose main responsibility is to collate and communicate the views of their coursemates at termly student-staff liaison committee meetings. Find yours here: https://www.bristolsu.org.uk/course_rep

Additionally, we a have First Year Officer to deal with BEEES matters. Ammar can be found here and contacted via first-year@beees.co.uk.

Year 1Malcolm Kazimil & Modou DiopUnubold TuguldurJacob DerricottStell & Ziaul Hassan
Year 2Damjan Janchevski & Lady Payan CepedaYogadhveep AroraGabriel Wong & Daniel Conway
Year 3George BurnsLianghao JiangOlivia Churchouse & Sophie Jones
Year 4Clara Hollowood & David JakovysinasOpen for applications!Manas Madan & Matej Rendla