The E3 Academy is a prestigious scholarship offered at the University of Bristol and is a great opportunity of develop your skills and earn money while doing it. If you are a first year or applying to do a degree electronic and electrical engineering you are eligible for this scholarship! Average bursary is £20k over your 4 years! Head to


Digimakers is a series of free workshops for children (aged 7-17) interested in electronics and computing. From hacking hardware to programming software we want to show more ways to have fun with technology. This event is supported heavily by students from the University of Bristol and is great fun to get involved with. (This event is also recognised by the Bristol Plus Award). Find out more by talking to Caroline Higgins (MVB Office, 2.19) or search for MVSE Outreach on Facebook.

Student Robotics is an exciting annual competition that challenges teams of 16-18 year-olds to build fully autonomous robots. Participating teams must design, build and test their robots, ready to compete against other teams. Want to get involved in running this and being part of the Student Robotics team? Click here to find out more.